Heeley City Farm

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Farm Produce

At the Farm we produce many different things. Depending on the time of year you will find alot of different items you can purchase.


You may not be aware that Heeley City Farm is a registered charity and we receive no core funding from the Council to help us run the site and the community projects that we provide. We rely heavily on the generosity of others and small pots of funding to provide certain services for groups and individuals. The Farm site, visitors centre, playground and animals are all free to visit and our quarterly fairs & events are in the main part free. It costs around £75,000 per year just to run the site. With insurance and security added it is close to £100,000 per year and the animal feed bill alone costs £150 plus per week. Taking into consideration vets bills, bedding, structural work to pens and stables to keep the animals safe etc. we’re talking a fair amount just to cover the basics.

Dementia Department

Heeley City Farm's Dementia Department provides a hub of support for carers for people with Dementia through Carers groups and info' support; and also to help people with dementia through Animal Assisted Therapy and other creative resources.

Garden Centre

The region's only peat-free garden centre is here in Heeley!

We have a wide range of top quality plants, often at much lower prices than many bigger garden centres. Find a friendly face for some advice on your gardening needs. Since our Garden Centre is also open to volunteers we grow expert horticulturalists as well as plants!

Local Food Growing

Heeley City Farm has been growing local food using organic practices for the last 15 years on many sites in Sheffield. We currently manage over 20 local food growing sites throughout Sheffield including school and community gardens, church land, fire stations, First Starts, local authority and private land. We directly involve hundreds of local school children, young people and adults in varied food growing projects.

***Help Heeley City Farm by donating, visit our JustGiving page to donate. Even the smallest amount can help the work we do to continue! For more info on how people can help the Farm go to our Donate Page***

*** We now have an Amazon Wishlist where you can buy things that the Farm needs for us as a way of donating***

16th May 2019 - Congrats to this month's lottery winner, number 1020. For more info on the HCF Lottery and to download an application form visit https://www.heeleyfarm.org.uk/page/hcf-lottery

The Farm Kitchen

Friday 24th May

  • Soup

    Italian Veg

  • Mains

    Feta Cheese and Potato Bake

    Vegan Spinach and Potato Curry

  • Potatoes

    Salt and Pepper