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Dementia Department

Heeley City Farm's Dementia Department is a set to help and provide a hub of support for carers for people with Dementia through Carers groups and info support and also to help people with dementia through Animal Assisted Therapy and other creative resources.


VOTING IS NOW OPEN for The People's Projects. https://www.thepeoplesprojects.org.uk/projects/view/farm-days-dementia-project

We are in the running for some funding from ITV's The People's Projects for a new dementia project here at the Farm, Farm Days Dementia Project. The funding is based on a vote process. Voting is open now until 30th April.

A film was made about the project and will be on ITV Calendar North tonight (16th April - programme starts at 6pm). 

Please spread this as far and as wide as you can. People can vote via online or by post. 

Click this link to vote https://www.thepeoplesprojects.org.uk/projects/view/farm-days-dementia-project

You will be ask to give your email and then you will be sent an email to confirm your vote (please check your Junk/Spam boxes once you have vote for your confirming email)

Thanks everyone for all your support

Farm Heads

In 2015 Heeley City Farm opened a dementia department. Ran by Lee Pearse, with help from his brother Andrew, who cared for their mother, Valerie, for over 12 years. Valerie had a rare form of Dementia called Frontotemporal Dementia (formerly known as Pick's Disease). today the Dementia Department host many events across the city of Sheffield, they hold a 'Carers Group' for carers of people with FTD on the second tuesday of every month, they have launched 'Farming Comes To You', an initiative were the animals of the farm go into care setting for Animal Assisted Therapy. Farming Comes To You has already been in care homes, Cultural Dementia City event at Sheffield City Hall, International Older Persons Day in Sheffield City Centre and the Celebration Event for Carers Week at Hillsborough Arena.

Farming Comes To You

Farming Comes To You (FCTY) is a initiative set up by the Dementia Department (along side The Valerie Foundation) were we take the animals from the Farm and take them to care settings, for Animal Assisted Therapy sessions, so that people who are isolated, living with dementia and potentially missing the outside world can interact with animals. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) has had research into it to find the benefits for people with Dementia. AAT has proven to help relieve symptoms in people with dementia, most notibly, agitation and anxiousness. Animal interactions can have a calming effect on people and someone with Dementia who might not necessarily communicate their agitation can show a more calmed demeanour.

Frontotemporal Carers Group

On the second Tuesday of every month we hold a support group at the Farm for people who care for people with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), formerly know as Pick's Disease.

In April 2016 the group started and has grown since with many for the people who came to the first meeting still coming today! New members are welcome, you can either just come down to the group when it is on or call before hand to get extra information. 

The group is very informal, come down for tea and a biscuit, join in in the conversation or just sit and listen. The group is run by 2 brothers who's Mother had FTD, they understand how daunting being a carer can be and how little knowledge and support there can be for carers, especially in the world of FTD - a very rare form of Dementia.

The group is in place for people to come and chat about experiences, ask questions to others that might be going through the same thing, share coping mechanisms or just to get things off your chest.

For more info on the group contact Lee or Andrew on 0114 258 0482 or email lee-pearse@hotmail.co.uk 

FTD Carers Group Poster

Lee is a National Dementia Champion, awarded to him by Alzheimer's Research UK in 2013. He has been on numerous TV shows, Newspaper articles, blogs and alike campaigning about Dementia awareness and research.

HCF's Dementia Department does work with The Valerie Foundation and they have their own website http://www.tvfhcfdementia.com

Dementia Garden

We are currently transforming one of our picnic areas into a Dementia friendly area.

The NEW garden area, All Our Space is a postcode Trust funded dementia garden project that aims to offer an outdoor space for anyone in dementia related communities. The garden area was designed by 3rd Medical students from University of Sheffield in Nov 15 as an investigation and research tool into dementia, access, environment and therapy.

HCF staff member Tony Hancox has been leading the construction with students and volunteers consulting with Lee and Andrew Pearse who are managing the project and concept. The team have been working gradually over the last few months on the paths, planters, seating and are now hopefully working with MA Architecture students from University of Sheffield on a suitable build/summer house/indoor activity space.

The space is to offer a practical project for carers of those with dementia as a respite from caring responsibilities.

The space is also a safe and accessible area on the farm that encourages care homes and care environments for people with varying dementias to be able to engage in a wide variety of activities and simply be outside with nature.

The Dementia projects have been made possible thanks to the funding awarded to us by Postcode Community Trust and the Big Lottery Fund.


16th April 2018 - PLEASE HELP THE FARM - We are in the running for some funding from 'ITV's The People's Projects'. VOTING IS NOW OPEN  and closes on Monday 30th April. For more info and to vote click here

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