Heeley City Farm

CEO Statement about Timber

Heeley City Farm and Amey

Heeley City Farm have been working with Amey on various projects for the benefit of our community for some time.  We have purchased wood from Amey to bag and resell. Amey have assured us that if we did not buy the wood they would sell the whole lot to a commercial firewood contractor, thus removing any community benefit.  We think it important that this money is recycled into our community.

All proceeds from these sales are spent on maintaining the farm and providing more Heeley City Farm led-services and activities to the local community and the people of Sheffield. 

John Le Corney, Chief Executive, February 2017


7th February 2018 - Our new website has launched today!!! This update makes the website much easier to get around and navigate!!

31st January 2018 - GOOD NEWS STORY: Thank you to everyone who voted for the Farm in the Tescos stores in Sheffield. We are delighted to tell you all that we won the fund. Thank you for all your support and your votes over the Christmas period.

The Farm Kitchen

Tuesday 20th February

  • Soup

    Lentil, Tomato and Cumin

  • Mains

    Homity Pie

    Potato and Spinach Curry

  • Potatoes