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CEO Statement about Timber

Heeley City Farm and Amey, Spring 2018

In mid-2015 we were approached by Amey, primarily as we were the nearest organisation to their Olive Grove depot and we had had good relationships with the City Council Works Department when they ran the depot. Amey were interested in setting up a sort of charitable trust to benefit not-for-profit Sheffield organisations. Although we introduced them to the right legal people to write the articles of a charitable structure Amey decided not to follow this route.

At the time we needed some specific help to move some metal containers and our solar kiln. Amey provided the machinery and personnel to achieve these objectives. More recently Amey provided a team to decorate the Anns Road Community Centre, used by us and other organisations.

In 2016 Amey asked us if we would act as a distributer of the stockpile of timber they had in their yard. Obviously much of this timber was from trees felled in Sheffield. Amey explained that their other option was to sell all of the timber to a commercial contractor.

We entered into discussions with Amey and even took a small delivery of logs as a trial. However throughout the negotiations Amey insisted that we should pay a fee for the logs and it was clear that we would not be able to generate income to support the charitable work of Heeley City Farm. And, throughout the times of our discussions with Amey we were, as many people in Sheffield, becoming more concerned about the operations of Amey and their tree operations.

Consequently we have decided not to receive wood from Amey in order to raise funds for Heeley City Farm.

John Le Corney, Chief Executive, March 2018

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