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Heeley Energy House

Formerly South Yorkshire Energy Centre

We no longer provide energy advice but please contact the team at NEA who will be able to help

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 NEA on 0800 304 7159 they will be able to help

A Press Release from Heeley City Farm about Heeley Energy House

New thinking needed for Energy showcase in Sheffield 

Since 2006, Heeley City Farm has been proud to operate its Energy House and showcase new ideas about how we can live more sustainably but after 16 years the Heeley Energy House (formerly the South Yorkshire Energy Centre) has ceased to operate in its original function. 


Stuart Gillis, CEO of Heeley City Farm stated: 

 “We have to face reality: Funding for the Energy House at Heeley City Farm has dwindled away, and our last advisor left us in March. But this is a time when people need urgent help with their energy bills. Therefore, we are grateful to be co-ordinating work with NEA ([New] National Energy Action), where two of our former Energy House advisers are part of a dedicated team supporting local people in this energy crisis. We are advising anyone needing energy support to contact NEA  

Tel: 0800 304 7159  website:  

This is a positive way to work together and help meet the needs of Sheffield people. 


However, we think it’s time to face up to another reality. The current energy crisis is one sign of a much bigger environmental problem. Our city and society need to make much bigger changes. The Energy House was the right thing in its day. The Energy House showed what you could do in a single house. But now we need plans to retro-fit insulation, solar, wind and air pumps into whole terraces and entire neighbourhoods. We need new housing that brings the world’s best ideas into our city. And we need local communities at the heart of democratic decision making.  We must think big and act together. The Energy House is being re-purposed to meet the needs of local people in other ways. But Sheffield needs a place that is the centre of creative thinking, learning and sharing . Heeley City Farm has been grappling with sustainability for 41 years – we want to work with partners across the city to showcase the future and build it together.” 



Additional information: 

National Energy Action (NEA) is a fuel poverty and energy efficiency charity working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They also work closely with our sister charity Energy Action Scotland. Around 6 million UK households are in fuel poverty, unable to afford to live in a warm, dry home. Their vision is to end fuel poverty and help people stay warm, safe and healthy at home. 


They do this by 

  • Providing advice and support to people struggling to heat their homes affordably, either directly or via community engagement projects and outreach 

  • Campaigning and advocacy to ensure that the needs of fuel poor households are at the heart of policy decisions 

  • Undertaking research and sharing insights 

  • Developing accredited training and qualifications to improve standards of energy advice 


The former Energy House at Heeley City Farm is currently being used to run sessions for local people about making good food, and in the next two weeks becomes the Youth Hub for South East Sheffield, supporting young people to build skills and confidence for employment.   

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