Heeley City Farm

The Art Of Tinsley Time and Travel Exhibition
Tuesday 3rd July to Thursday 2nd August

Our Heritage department is holding an Art Exhibition at The Art House in Sheffield City Centre

Visit us to see the artworks from the milestones 2 to 7 of the Tinsley Time and Travel Project. The Project is based around 9 key heritage milestones in Tinsley's past, from the Bronze Age to the modern day, and they all explore how and why people have travelled to Tinsley for thousands of years.

For each milestone an artist from Ignite Imaginations has made a piece of art, with assistance from the residents of Tinsley. This exhibition showcases the achievements of the collaboration between heritage and art in the production of these beautiful testaments to time and travel in Tinsley.

For more info contact Courtenay or Laura on 0114 250 5120 email: courtenay@heeleyfarm.org.uk or laura@heeleyfarm.org.uk or contact The Art House on 0114 272 3970

The Art House is in Sheffield City Centre.

Tha Art House, 8 Backfields, Sheffield, S1 4HJ

and is open 11am till 3pm Monday to Saturday

The exhibition is on from 3rd July till 2nd August


11th June 2018 - Thank you to all those who applied for a stall at the Heeley Festival, we are now fully booked for stall spaces. Thank you.

The Farm Kitchen

Friday 22nd June

  • Soup


  • Mains

    Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche

    Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Pasta Bake

  • Potatoes