Donate to the Farm

You may not be aware that Heeley City Farm is a registered charity and we receive no core funding from the Council to help us run the site and the community projects that we provide. We rely heavily on the generosity of others and small pots of funding to provide certain services for groups and individuals. The Farm site, visitors centre, playground and animals are all free to visit and our quarterly fairs & events are in the main part free. 

It costs around £75,000 per year just to run the site. With insurance and security added it is close to £100,000 per year and the animal feed bill alone costs £150 plus per week. Taking into consideration vets bills, bedding, structural work to pens and stables to keep the animals safe etc. we’re talking a fair amount just to cover the basics.

How to donate

If you would like to help out the farm and donate it will all help towards keeping the Farm going for future years. 

There are a couple of ways you can donate to help out the farm:

  1. Visit to donate via our JustGiving page
  2. Whilst visiting the Farm you will find donation boxes around, we get roughly 100,000 visitors a year, if each visitor donated just £2 we would have enough money to comfortably run the Farm for a year (last year we received less the £6,000 in donations)

Of course anymore you spend at the Farm will go into the running of the Farm so why not treat yourself to some fresh fruit & veg or flowers at the Garden Centre, grab some Heeley City Farm honey or an animal sponsorship box from the Farm Kitchen.

We also now have a Wishlist set up on Amazon so now you can go onto Amazon and buy things that we need for the Farm. You can see the Wishlist here

Other ways to support the Farm

Like many public and voluntary sector organisations, Heeley City Farm is affected by the current austerity situation.  Funding is more difficult than ever to secure. We need your help:

18 ways to support

Heeley City Farm Like many public and voluntary sector organisations, Heeley City Farm is affected by the current austerity situation. Funding is more difficult than ever to secure. We need your help:

  1. When you visit Heeley City Farm put £2 (or more) in one of our donations boxes
  2. Buy your plants, well-rotted manure and composted green waste from the Garden Centre
  3. Join the Heeley City Farm Lottery for just £4 per month 
  4. Hire our animal road show for your festival, event, school, care home, £300 plus VAT
  5. Bring your school, group or social club for a visit 
  6. Take out a regular standing order to Heeley City Farm 
  7. Persuade your company to book a Corporate Activity Day at Heeley City Farm or one of our other food growing sites and make a donation to cover the costs 
  8. Visit to donate via our JustGiving page
  9. Buy our honey, preserves and ready meals from the Farm Kitchen café 
  10. Buy an animal sponsorship package for you children, yourself or your friend, only £10 
  11. Come to our events: Easter Fair, Heeley Festival in June, September Autuum Show, Halloween event and Winter Fayre 
  12. Take a Heeley City Farm collecting tin to your local shop, pub or school 
  13. Volunteer to help at Heeley City Farm 
  14. Remember Heeley City Farm in your will 
  15. Tell your friends about Heeley City Farm 
  16. Think of Heeley City Farm produce and gifts when you buy your Christmas and Birthday presents for your family and friends 
  17. Keep up to date with all the farm activities, daily Farm Kitchen café menus and specials, pictures of our animals on our website and other social media sites 
  18. Treat yourself to coffee and cake in the Farm Kitchen café and consider all of the above