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Dementia Projects

Heeley City Farm's Dementia project provides a hub of support for carers for people with Dementia through Carers groups and info' support; and also to help people with dementia through Animal Assisted Therapy and other creative resources.

In 2015 Heeley City Farm opened a dementia department. Ran by Lee Pearse, with help from his brother Andrew, who cared for their mother, Valerie, for over 12 years. Valerie had a rare form of Dementia called Frontotemporal Dementia (formerly known as Pick's Disease). today the Dementia Department host many events across the city of Sheffield, they hold a 'Carers Group' for carers of people with FTD on the second tuesday of every month, they have launched 'Farming Comes To You', an initiative were the animals of the farm go into care setting for Animal Assisted Therapy. Farming Comes To You has already been in care homes, Cultural Dementia City event at Sheffield City Hall, International Older Persons Day in Sheffield City Centre and the Celebration Event for Carers Week at Hillsborough Arena.

Dementia Friendly

Farm Afternoons

We are offering people living with dementia and their carers a variety of activities on the Farm. One household/Bubble per session

Each session will be a different activity in the relaxing, informal and safe environment of The Valerie Garden base at the top of Alexandra Road (we are there at the start of each session).

In order to comply with the government's Covid Safe guidelines there will be very limited space for each session



Every Wednesday

11am till 12.30pm


2pm till 3.30pm

FTD Carers Group

Hello Everyone, We hope you find this information helpful and please feel free to email us about our specific Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) Carer's Group for anyone who is caring for someone with FTD. It is important to state that we are not Social Workers, General Practitioners, or Health Professionals, but are two people who have experienced FTD first hand for over a decade. This group has been set up based on supporting others and we meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Heeley City Farm.

In April 2020 our FTD Carer's Group has been running for 4 years Andrew and Lee are brothers and for approximately 13 years the cared daily for there mother Valerie who developed Frontotemporal Dementia FTD) around the age of 55 and passed away at 67 in 2015 FTD is a little known dementia, although becoming more known across the world and is now being seen with better understanding as not being Alzheimer's or any other dementia (this is crucial in how we all try and diagnose, support and care for someone with FTD and each other as relatives, friends, and carers) Andrew and Lee have been advocates, campaigners, filmmakers and have openly spoken about their experiences and their family since approximately 2007 and continue to do so.

They have been engaged heavily with projects locally, regionally, nationally and across the globe in raising awareness through conferences, community talks, film screenings, art exhibitions and a solid trustful relationship with the BBC Radio and Television, Daily Express, Huffington Post, Yorkshire Post, Bolton Evening News, Sheffield Star to name a few.In 2013 Lee was awarded a National Champion by Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) the leading research charity in the UK  and 2nd in the world. Andrew and Lee have been recognised for their unrelenting drive to make a change and reach out to others receiving REED Carer's of The Year Awards, ARUK recognised certificates for The Valerie Foundation and Heeley City Farm as organisations working to raise awareness about FTD and supporting others. In 2014, they both decided to start their own FTD Carer's group in Sheffield at Heeley City Farm, Sheffield were both the brothers work. This group is still going strong and the only one of its kind in Yorkshire and Humberside and the 4th in the UK. The 1st FTD Volunteer support group recognised was the Cerebral Functional Unit in Salford, in which was a lifeline for the Pearse family and remains to be a central link for them in regard to up-to-date knowledge, information, advice and has a heavily attended by over a hundred carers at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.If you re a carer for someone with FTD and wish to informally chat about your situation for a one-off or join in with the FTD group please do not hesitate in contacting Andrew and Lee. We offer a secure, private and confidential space to share experiences, listen, reflect, and support each other. The group members are advocating themselves and they are extremely knowledgeable and support each other. The FTD Carer's Group has been recognised by ARUK and continues in spreading the word about the group aiming to support as many people as it can.


The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a concern for all of us and we’re taking the situation seriously.

We are keeping up to date with advice from (i) NHS England and (ii) Department of Health and Social Care which you can find on their websites:…/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-fo… and (both very clear and informative).

The government site gives clear guidance on what to do (e.g. self-isolate) if you have returned from visiting any of the affected areas, whether you are experiencing symptoms or not. Anyone with a "new, continuous" cough or high temperature is now advised to self-isolate for seven days, as the UK government moves to the "delay" phase of its plan to tackle coronavirus.

Info, guidance and support during the outbreak

We are aware these can be difficult times and we would like to share support, advice, and guidance with you.

Please find below links to support networks:

AGE UK - Coronavirus - information and advice -

Alzheimer's Society 'Talking Point' -

HCF & The Valerie Foundation info on Frontotemporal Dementia -

NHS - Frontotemporal Dementia - What is it? -

Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance -

Sheffield Carers Centre -…/

Heeley Community Hub 24/7 Referral Line - 0114 399 1070

If you live in Heeley and Meersbrook and need advice

Sheffield City Council Vulnerable People support line - 0114 273 4567 - 8.45 am - 4.45 pm

National Dementia Hotline - 0333 150 3456

Adult Carer's Team - 0114 273 4567

Activities to do at home

This is the BFI (British Film Institute) FREE links to archive films

main site

Specific links for Sheffield related programmes

Sheffield Parks and Gardens

The Brain Tour - Learn about the parts of the brain with Alzheimer's Research UK

Farming Comes To You

Farming Comes To You (FCTY) is a initiative set up by the Dementia Department (along side The Valerie Foundation) were we take the animals from the Farm and take them to care settings, for Animal Assisted Therapy sessions, so that people who are isolated, living with dementia and potentially missing the outside world can interact with animals. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) has had research into it to find the benefits for people with Dementia. AAT has proven to help relieve symptoms in people with dementia, most notibly, agitation and anxiousness. Animal interactions can have a calming effect on people and someone with Dementia who might not necessarily communicate their agitation can show a more calmed demeanour.

Farming Comes To You Pricing

Here is our pricing template and what you will receive for the price.

Heeley City Farm

Help Heeley City Farm by donating via our JustGiving page. Even the smallest amount can help the work we do to continue! For more info on how people can help the Farm go to our Donate Page

Working for the community with the community

Heeley City Farm is a company limited by guarantee without share capital.

Reg. No. 2141420. VAT Reg. No. 646 3843 17. Reg. Charity No. 1111482.

Member of the Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens.

Honorary Patrons: Professor Danny Dorling, Louise Haigh MP

Heeley City Farm, Richards Road, Sheffield, S2 3DT.

Phone: 0114 258 0482


Heeley City Farm 1981–2019

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