Here at HCF we are a certified rare breeds centre meaning we breed native UK breeds that are so rare some species are classed as vulnerable by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

We also have a small animal house that houses cute and cuddly animals and scary corner.

On your way around the Farm you will also find multiple bird enclosures hosting different breeds of ducks, chickens, peafowl and even a silver pheasant!

Large Animals

Always popular with visitors and staff alike are our large animals. You can find them around the farm in one of our many fields.


We have a few different breeds of goats currently inhabiting the farm including Bagots Goats which are currently classed as endangered (Level 2 by the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST)) and Golden Guernsey Goats (Level 5; Minority on the RBST list). We also have the adorable Pygmy Goats on the Farm, Summer and her kids are always about to say hello to,

our Pymgy Goats are called Robyn, April, Heather, Pica and Bramble


The Farm homes rare breeds of pigs, we have a Large Black breed that is at Level 3; Vulnerable on the RBST list. Our Oxford Sandy And Black pig, Betty, is at Level 4;

Our Large Blacks is called Broccoli


We are currently home to Bounty and Julip. Julip is a georgous Shetland Pony, we are currently looking after them for another farm and Bounty has recently joined us from Millhouses Animal Sanctuary


We have the cute Soay Sheep (Level 4; At Risk) on the farm, you can always find them jumping around the farm during the day. We also have the Vulnerable (Level 2) Whitefaced Woodland Sheep on the Farm.


We have 2 Northern Dairy Shorthorn Cows, Bluebell and Lavendar. Northern Dairy Shorthorn cows are rare breeds and are rated at the highest level on the Rare Breed Survival Trust watchlist at 'Priority' meaning there is less than 150 in existence

Small Animals

When you are at the Farm remember to go and visit the Small Animal House, located by the stable yard. In there you will find all sorts of cute (and some scary) animals. They love visitors!


We have many rabbits down on the Farm that inhabit the Small Animal House, come see all the different shapes, sizes and colours that we have


Juniper, Spangle and Noodles are our resident ferrets, and are always about to say 'hi' to.

Guinea Pigs

The only thing we have more of than rabbits is the guinea pigs, you can find Everest, Minnie, Elsa, Pumpkin and the rest of the gang chilling out with the rabbits around the Small Animal House


We have DuDu, our resident Chinchilla looking as cute and as fluffly as ever waiting to welcome you into the Small Animal House


We can't do a list of animals without mentioning Jerry, our farm cat. You will find Jerry wandering the farm as he pleases. Jerry came to us in 2006 as a kitten and can usually be found in the stable yard lying on the hay or hanging out in the small animal house


There are an array of birds down on The Farm, some familiar and some rare breeds!


The Farm is home to many chickens, some are rare breeds Derbyshire Redcaps, Cream Legbar, Sussex Banthams and Minorcans along with our other breeds such as Araucana, Brahams, Polish and Pekins to name but a few. In early 2019 the Farm was part of a rescue project rescuing Warren hens from a caged farm, over the space we had 600 (approx) ex-battery hens come to the Farm and then off to new homes, we kept some for ourselves and you can find them around the Farm now looking all fully feathered and enjoying life!


You can find the beautiful Cayuga Ducks inhabiting our duck pond (located by the main office) along with the East Indian Ducks and the Indian Runner Ducks


In December 2017 we got Turkeys on the Farm. We currently have 3 Pied/Crolwitzer Turkeys which are a rare breed of Turkey.

Other birds around the Farm

You can also find the stunning Peahens and the Silver Pheasant in the bird enclosure next to the main entrance and situated in the Small Animal House you can find Canaries, Zebra Finches, Bengalese Finches and some Diamond Doves



We have a tarantulas in the Small Animal House called Talulu a Chilean Rose Tarantula


We only have the one snake at the Farm and it is Syther, our beautiful Corn Snake.


Spyro and Sherpa are our lizards. Spyro is a Bearded Dragon and Sherpa is our Leopard Gecko, you can always find them crawling round their vivarium

Animal Sponsorship

You can now buy an Animal Sponsorship box in The Farm Kitchen. For £10 you will get a box that will contain:

  • Certificate of Sponsorship of chosen animal (with blank name space to fill in if it is a gift)
  • An info card about the chosen animal
  • Finger Puppet Toys (that may not correspond with chosen animal)
  • A bag of animal feed
  • Farm yard scene pencil 
  • Sticker set

All proceeds from the boxes will go to looking after the animals. Heeley City Farm is a rare breeds farm park that gets no direct funding for the animals upkeep and so rely heavily on donations and sponsors.

For more information contact Sarah Wild on [email protected]

Animal Roadshows

Would you like to bring the farm to your event? All our animals are available to hire, from little to large you can hire out our animals for almost anything you like; from community festivals to school fairs and farmer's markets and are excellent for educating event attendees about Farm life. They really make an impression! Call us for a quote today.

Mini Roadshow

You can hire out a selection of our small animals including:

  • Chickens
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs

Full Roadshow

You can hire out a selection of our animals including:

  • Goats
  • Ducks
  • Ferrets
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits

We will include:

  •  Transportation of animals to and from site
  •  Set up of temporary animal pens
  •  Supervision by Farm staff at all times
  • Tailored Q&A sessions and talks from farm staff
  •  Health and Safety guidance for visitors regarding the animals
  •  Clearing and sanitising the site after the event
  •  An animal movement licence, if required
  •  Full risk assessment

Please note:

Prior to the event we may need to visit the site to check the suitability of our pitch.

We supply the animal road show as an educational attraction and will only attend events which we judge to be appropriate.