Energy Efficiency

Use of heating controls

The Energy Saving Advice Service has some helpful short videos about setting your central heating programmers, thermostats and timers:

If you'd like more help then do drop in at HEH for friendly advice, and maybe book a home visit. 


Wall insulation - Exterior (EWI) and Interior (IWI)

You might be surprised to learn that most homes lose the majority of heat (that you've paid for!) through the walls. There are a number of different ways walls can be insulated, and a range of different materials. Call in to the Energy Centre to see examples of some of them, to discuss pros & cons, and find out about local installers. 


Underfloor heating

The Energy Centre has some underfloor heating installed, running from our ground-source heat pump. It's an efficient way of heating a room. 


Loft insulation

Loft insulation is one of the simplest and most effective ways of improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. We can help find grants for free insulation, can advise on choice of materials, and direct you to local installers.


Pipe lagging

A simple way to reduce water and space heating costs is to insulate the hotwater pipes. If you're decorating or got the floor-boards up for any reason, take the opportunity to lag any pipework you can reach. 


Double glazing

Find reputable installers, and get advice about what to look for in new glazing. uPVC vs Wood frames? Double vs triple glazing? Tips to reduce usage