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Here at HCF we are a certified rare breeds centre meaning we breed native UK breeds that are so rare some species are classed as vulnerable by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.


We also have a small animal house that houses cute and cuddly animals and scary corner.


On your way around the Farm you will also find multiple bird enclosures hosting different breeds of ducks, chickens, peafowl and even a silver pheasant!

Animal Sponsorship

You can now buy an Animal Sponsorship box in The Farm Kitchen. For £10 you will get a box that will contain:


  • Certificate of Sponsorship of chosen animal (with blank name space to fill in if it is a gift)
  • An info card about the chosen animal
  • Finger Puppet Toys (that may not correspond with chosen animal)
  • A bag of animal feed
  • Farm yard scene pencil 
  • Sticker set


All proceeds from the boxes will go to looking after the animals. Heeley City Farm is a rare breeds farm park that gets no direct funding for the animals upkeep and so rely heavily on donations and sponsors.

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